PLCnext Technology

The world of automation is changing

PLCnext Technology from Phoenix Contact is a unique, open ecosystem for modern automation capable of meeting all the challenges of the IoT world.

The combination of open control platform, modular engineering software, and systemic cloud integration enables easy adaptation to changing demands and the efficient utilisation of existing and future software services.

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PLCnext Technology

PLCnext Technology - the ecosystem for limitless automation

PLCnext Technology offers many advantages for the development, project planning, and operation of automation solutions thanks to its openness. The platform is adaptable and makes it possible to quickly react to new market requirements. PLCnext Technology consists of PLCnext Control, PLCnext Engineer, the PLCnext Store, and the PLCnext Community.

PLCnext Control

PLCnext Control Hardware for PLCnext Technology

PLCnext Control are the hardware of PLCnext Technology and offer an open Linux environment with access to more data via IoT systems and more flexibility. In addition to standards such as IEC 61131, parallel programming and the combination of programming languages such as C/C++, C# or MATLAB® Simulink® are also possible in real time with PLCnext Control.

There are three different categories of PLCnext Control: Flexible modular controller, high-performance remote field controller, and iPC-based controller.

PLCnext Store

PLCnext Store The digital marketplace

The PLCnext Store is the digital software marketplace for automation solutions. It provides you with software applications that enable you to expand the functions of the PLCnext Control device directly and easily.

Using suitable apps from the PLCnext Store, you can speed up your application development, saving you laborious programming steps.

PLCnext Engineer

PLCnext Engineer Software

PLCnext Engineer is the engineering software for PLCnext Control devices.

By combining all the essential functions for the engineering process in one software package, the flexible engineering tool is more than an all-in-one tool for conventional programming.

  • configuration
  • programming according to IEC 61131-3
  • Safety programming and configuration
  • visualisation
  • diagnostics
PLCnext community

PLCnext Community Join the PLCnext Community and get involved

Meet new, similar-minded people, share experiences, discuss new ideas, ask a question, or talk to one of our experts.