Energy efficiency is truly a key to economic success. Therefore an energy management system must be easy to implement. Whether complex energy measurements or simple cost centre billing: the broad range of multi-functional energy measuring devices and MID-certified energy meters has a product for every application.

  • Acquire your energy data and communicate this to superordinate control and management systems
  • Reduces your wiring and configuration effort
  • The integrated user-guided web server simplifies startup, monitoring and servicing
  • Can be retrofitted using the simple direct connection of Rogowski coils from any manufacturer
  • Digital services and global access through cloud access
  • Easy integration into local networks with REST API functionality

EMpro energy measuring devices The fastest way to measuring your energy consumption

The integrated user-guided web server simplifies startup, monitoring, and servicing. Benefit from a variety of smart functions and the straightforward web server structure.

EMMA Smart Service

EMMA Smart Service Energy monitoring, management, analytics: EMMA

The EMMA Smart Service and the IoT-capable EMpro energy measuring devices are empowering your energy management system of the future. Go straight into the IoT with EMpro and benefit from cloud-based data acquisition and intuitive, flexible functions for target-oriented, informative visualisation.

MID-certified energy meters

MID-certified energy meters Cost-center-specific energy data billing in accordance with EN 50470

These measuring devices record key electrical parameters such as currents, voltages, power factors, power ratings, and energy values in all four quadrants. The data is forwarded to your higher-level control system via standard communication interfaces.

Energy monitoring
The basis for target-oriented energy management
Continuously recorded energy flow provides the basis for an efficient operational energy management system. The targeted recording of energy-relevant system parameters enables potential savings to be identified and measures for efficient energy management to be derived in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001.
Advantages of energy monitoring
Energy monitoring