The safe, simple, and efficient operation of three-phase asynchronous motors is an important objective in a variety of applications. The CONTACTRON speed starter features simple operation with various speeds ranging from normal, creeping speed, and soft start, as well as energy efficiency and ramping functions.

Your advantages

  • Quick installation and startup of speed starters with easy wiring and intuitive operating concept
  • Safe shutdown with the integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) function
  • Space savings in the control cabinet through the compact design with an overall width starting at just 35 mm
  • Cost-effective solution with all functions necessary for various speeds and soft start.
CONTACTRON speed starter digital demo
The easy and intuitive speed starter concept offers all of the basic function of CONTACTRON motor starters - starting, reversing, overload protection, and safe shutdown - while also adding speed control, full-torque ramp, and efficiency-enhancing capabilities.
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CONTACTRON speed starter digital demo
Contactron speed starter
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CONTACTRON Speed Starters
The Speed Starter is the device class between motor starters and frequency converters with a particularly intuitive operation. This compact solution provides all of the functions necessary for various speeds, soft start, and safe stopping with the Safe Torque Off function.
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Contactron speed starter