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Marine and offshore Your partner on the high seas

Automate ships and offshore platforms reliably and easily – with Phoenix Contact as your expert system partner.

Constantly growing demands are being placed on the marine and offshore industry – both through new regulations for compliant operation in terms of safety and security and through the opportunities presented by Maritime 4.0. Harness the potential for yourself and secure your competitive edge for the future.

The modern marine and offshore industry is constantly bringing new technologies to the fore in order to increase safety, reliability, and efficiency in maritime and potentially explosive areas. Professional expertise together with the comprehensive product and solution portfolio makes Phoenix Contact an expert industry partner, who will readily assist you in transforming your ideas into impressive innovations.

Thomas Perschke - Phoenix Contact, Global Industry Manager Marine and Offshore
Thomas Perschke
Marine and offshore – shipbuilding
Marine and offshore – shipbuilding YouTube

Our service portfolio Intelligent solutions for ships and offshore systems

To ensure the smooth operation of a ship, the maritime components must complement each other perfectly and enable efficient control and networking. In addition to the ship’s drive system and power generation, products from Phoenix Contact can be used to automate other systems, such as rudder systems and fire detection systems. Phoenix Contact provides you with a comprehensive portfolio of intelligent solutions.

Redundant network and control solutions are also available for offshore applications in order to implement a reliable alert and monitoring system.

Navigation bridge of a ship

Navigation bridge of a ship

Redundant alerting and monitoring Increase your operational safety with comprehensive solutions

Digitalization is influencing different areas of life on our planet with increasing speed – and this includes the maritime segment. In an age where we are seeing increasingly efficient approaches and cost-optimized processes, solutions are required that will secure your company’s competitive edge in the future as well. The aim of Maritime 4.0 is to make maritime navigation autonomous.

Redundant automation systems, networks, and visualizations can already be implemented now based on the open PLCnext automation platform. The portfolio will be extended with comprehensive solutions for performance monitoring which, along with the software, also include the necessary security routers and cloud solutions for the entire fleet. Applicable maritime certifications for the relevant components complete the range available from Phoenix Contact.

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Protect yourself from digital piracy

Cybersecurity in maritime applications Security on board

The growing degree of digitalization and networking with the Internet increase the risk of cyber attacks. To protect maritime applications against unauthorized access, Phoenix Contact offers the mGuard family of security routers for secure remote maintenance connections. The security services are certified in accordance with IEC 62443 and provide comprehensive protection against potential threats. Based on the maritime security blueprint, we advise customers from the initiation of the security concept all the way to its implementation for their maritime networks.

Vision for “Empowering the All Electric Society”

Vision for “Empowering the All Electric Society”

Empowering the All Electric Society Future-oriented sailing

To provide a greener future for our planet, Phoenix Contact is already working to make its vision of the future a reality by “Empowering the All Electric Society”. The Global Industry Management Marine division is also contributing significant added value for the conversion to power generation from renewable sources. Ecological battery management enables the implementation of electric ship’s drive systems and the automation of electric nacelle drives. In addition, the maritime-certified components with an Ex design can be used to realize drive systems with highly explosive ecological fuels, such as green hydrogen and synthetic methanol. In order to implement appropriate automation solutions, the entire automation portfolio for zone 1 and zone 2 must have maritime certification.


Years of experience and industry-specific expertise result in outstanding solutions for your industry.

Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of innovative and certified components for ships and offshore platforms, from control technology to visualization on maritime HMIs.

When combined in an intelligent way, these products become systems for a variety of functions such as control, remote monitoring, or measured value acquisition. Inspiring industry solutions are created as a result of our industry expertise, many years of experience, and consideration of special requirements.