When meeting Phoenix Contact, you will find an internationally operating family company that really lives its philosophy of innovation every day. Creative solutions in connection technology, electronics, and automation are developed, produced, and distributed worldwide by more than 17,100 enthusiastic people. The work we do is making a meaningful impact on helping to create a smart and sustainable world. Our success is based on the performance of our employees. In order to successfully attract skilled workers, we continuously work on our attractiveness as an employer.

Working at Phoenix Contact is more than just a job

With Phoenix Contact, you not only have a top employer at your side, but also a partner for all situations in life. Because we care about the well-being of our employees, we create excellent working conditions and an environment in which everyone feels comfortable and enjoys working. Benefit from numerous offers, such as:

  • Independence – we always act in a way to ensure our entrepreneurial freedom
  • Innovation and creativity – we consider innovation as a path-breaking bridge to the future; thus we pro-actively develop our company
  • Trusting partnerships – our actions are based on a mutually committed spirit, on friendliness and honesty
  • Corporate culture - we encourage trust and support our employees’ development for achieving agreed targets
Two Phoenix Contact employees between control cabinets
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Our latest employee survey shows that more than 80 percent rate their workplace as “very good”. I am personally very pleased about this. After all, dealing with each other in a spirit of partnership and trust is important to us. It is so fundamentally important that it is even included in our corporate principles and is therefore binding for all our employees worldwide.

Klaus Lütkemeier - Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Vice President Corporate Human Relations
Klaus Lütkemeier
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At Phoenix Contact, there are many various entry-level opportunities. We are looking for employees with visionary skills and team spirit.
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