Motor, machine, and system monitoring

Motor, machine, and system monitoring

Motor, machine, and system monitoring is an integral part of continuous condition monitoring. Keep an eye on important system parameters, respond to warning messages at an early stage or shut down system parts selectively. Our cost-effective products for motor monitoring and system monitoring help you achieve this.

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Motor manager with IFS-CONF screenshot

Motor manager Protect your motors and systems: Detect all critical load states

Motor managers from the CONTACTRON product family monitor motors and drives for overload and underload, function, contamination, and wear. Detect critical load states early and protect the motor and high-value system components at the same time.

Machine manager with current transformer

Machine manager Precisely measure the energy of motors and machines.

Monitor your motors and machines: Electronic machine management combines precise energy measurement with the display and monitoring of important parameters of motors, machines, or other 3-phase loads.

Monitoring relays for high system availability

Monitoring relays and current relays For high system availability

With our monitoring relays and current monitors, you can detect errors as soon as they occur. This increases your system availability and avoids expensive downtimes and repairs. Shut down system parts selectively or report an error to a controller as soon as the set limit value is exceeded or not reached.

Function modules

Function modules Protection and decoupling

Function modules, such as EMG diode modules, protect your system against polarity reversal and decouple messages in fault reporting systems. With function modules inside a touch-proof and dust-protected control cabinet housing, diode modules can be professionally integrated into your system. EMG lamp testing modules decouple signals in the fault reporting system without surges and can be used for individual or central testing of lamps.

Drop indicator relay for indicating dangerous states and operating states

Drop indicator relays Indication of dangerous states and operating states

Drop indicator or annunciator relays are used as status indicators in control rooms, on control panels, and in mimic diagrams. Predefined contact assignments make rapid commissioning possible. As an aid to this, the semi-automated and fully automated design versions feature clearly arranged display surfaces. Their robust design ensures reliable operation, even under harsh ambient conditions.

INFOBOX fault signaling system

Fault reporting systems Compact messages for reliable system operation

Fault reporting systems provide you with the necessary overview of the current status of your system. They provide information that ensures the system is safely controlled in all operating and error states.
With increased system transparency, on-site maintenance work to clear faults is optimized. As an option, the data can be forwarded to higher-level control rooms via conventional communication protocols.