NearFi couplers – contact-free power and data transmission

NearFi couplers

The new NearFi couplers transmit power and real-time Ethernet data across an air gap without the need for contact. Therefore, connections subject to wear and slip rings in industrial applications can be replaced easily and costs caused by failures minimized.

Your advantages

  • Reduction of downtimes with maintenance- and wear-free transmission
  • Protocol-independent, latency-free Ethernet real-time communication
  • Suitable for time-critical applications, such as PROFINET
  • Reliable and interference-free communication
  • Plug and Play: As easy as a plug
  • Rapid diagnostics with LEDs visible from all around

Main features

  • Contact-free power transmission of up to 50 W (24 V / 2 A)
  • Data speed 100 Mbps (full duplex)
  • Range of approx. 10 mm
  • Robust IP65 housing with M12 connection technology
  • Can be used worldwide