Man checking feed-in-management system

Feed-in management For stable power grids

Decentral power generation systems need to play their part in ensuring high grid stability. The responsible grid operators specify in their grid connection conditions for photovoltaic systems the ranges to be maintained for grid frequency and voltage, and for reactive power. To check these values, regulators for power generation systems (PGS) record the present voltage and reactive power at grid connection points.

The respective control values for the inverters are determined based on these values. The solution consisting of hardware and software from Phoenix Contact ensures that the engineering effort with respect to feed-in control is kept to a minimum.

Your advantages:
✔ Compliant with the connection directive thanks to certification of our PGS controller in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4110/20
✔ Reliable system operation and straightforward grid connection through compliance with all technical connection requirements
✔ Intelligent automation solutions ensure low engineering and operating costs
✔ The programmed software allows you to commission your power generation system quickly
✔ Open interfaces allow customer-specific extensions

Controller for feed-in control with certification in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4110/-2

Controller for feed-in control

Certification in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4110/-20

As of this year, any power generation systems, whether combined heat and power plants, wind power, or photovoltaic systems that feed into the German medium- or high-voltage grid must be equipped with a certified control unit – the so-called PGS controller. While a manufacturer‘s declaration was sufficient in the past, a certificate issued by a DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065-accredited certification authority is now required. Our PGS controller is certified in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4110/-20, and therefore implements active power and reactive power requirements as well as monitoring voltage conditions at the grid connection point.

Switchgear and controlgear assembly for feed-in management

Switchgear and controlgear assembly for feed-in control

Comprehensive solution

With our ready-to-install control cabinet solution for feed-in control, we have already combined all the necessary components such as the controller, network technology, and power supply in the same housing. This comprehensive solution also allows you to feed electricity from your power generation system into the power grid in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4110/-20.

The energy measuring device records important characteristic data from a photovoltaic system

The energy measuring device records important characteristic data from a photovoltaic system

Grid integration

With the network-capable energy measuring devices, you can monitor characteristic electrical data both centrally and on site. You can therefore gather all relevant characteristic data for your photovoltaic system using a small-scale controller and log it in an SQL database.

The energy measuring devices from Phoenix Contact provide you with the right solution for optimal grid integration of your photovoltaic system.

Feed-in control for stable power grids

Along with the connection to the feed-in management system of the grid operator, individual reactive power control poses a great challenge. The grid parameters at the grid connection point are recorded by measuring devices and transmitted to a central PGS controller. Then, the actuating values calculated from the reactive power controller are transmitted to the inverter installed in the system.

Example structure of feed-in control for stable power grids

Reliable feed-in control with intelligent automation components