The use of the correct tool is the key to optimal results. Information regarding professional tools characterized by good processing and long service life is provided here. Refer to the product catalog of the respective products for more special tools.

Hand tools

The wide range of hand tools from Phoenix Contact includes tools for a large number of activities such as cutting, stripping and crimping.
Hand tools

Automatic tools

Automatic tools
An automation of individual work steps is inevitable in the case of increased work costs for control cabinet construction. Phoenix Contact provides automatic devices for the assembly of conductors.

Cable cutters

Phoenix Contact offers the perfect cable cutter for every application. Different designs allow professional handling of conductors and lines having up to 100 mm diameter.

All parts of the cable cutter that are under particular strain are tempered or specially hardened. This ensures a high cutting efficiency over a long period of time. The specific designs of the blades ensure that the conductors can be cut easily and tidily.

The safety tool in the red and yellow signal colors can be identified by means of the imprinted mark of conformity. These multi-purpose pliers and diagonal cutters can be used for all types of activities as regards the power and electrical systems.

Cable cutters

Stripping tools

Stripping tools
The WIREFOX stripping pliers are characterized by a mechanism that adjusts automatically to different kinds of insulation and conductor diameters. The integrated wire cutter and the flexibly adjustable limit stop for the stripping length are particularly practical.

The WIREFOX-D-SHIELD stripping pliers allow easy creation of cable cutouts and wire pick-offs. These pliers are optimally suitable for stripping shielded cables.

Crimp, press and crimping pliers

The comprehensive range of professional CRIMPFOX pliers enables processing of ferrules and cable lugs with and without insulating collars, slip-on sleeves and contacts up to 120 mm².

All pliers have an integrated pressure lock. This does not unlock until the necessary crimping pressure has been reached, thus eliminating the possibility of too little pressure.

An innovative design and ergonomically formed handles reduce the required forces by up to 25 %.

Crimping pliers


A correctly  dimensioned screwdriver is provided for every screw size, irrespective of manual or automatic processing. The blades of the Phoenix Contact screwdrivers or battery-powered screwdrivers have a large bearing surface in the screw head.

Only in this way can the required torque be achieved with adequate force and without damaging the screw head.

Testing and measuring tools

High-quality measuring tools are available in the form of multimeters, current pliers and voltage testers, which are tested and approved as per the nationally and internationally applicable standards.

Connectors, ferrules and cable lugs

Ferrules from Phoenix Contact with plastic sleeves are made of soft electrolytic copper with galvanic tin plating. A special feature of these ferrules is that the closer the connections are, the more reliable the insulation is and the less likely the wires are to splice.

The plastic sleeve simplifies the process of fitting onto the conductor, and the colors denote the size of the cross-section.

Automatic tools

Cutting, stripping and crimping; all these activities have the potential to save a lot of time. Hence, the assembly of conductors is becoming increasingly automated in the process of rationalization.

The range of automatic tools from Phoenix Contact provides rational solutions that are tailored to the requirements of professional control cabinet construction.

Automatic tools

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