The THERMOMARK S1 has been especially developed for industrial use. With a tare weight of only 2.7 kg, it is ideal for mobile use and can be operated directly where the system is to be labeled. The user can available of a wide range of lettering software and media, specially adapted to each other, for marking terminal blocks, conductors and equipment.

The position of the inserted lettering media from Phoenix Contact takes place automatically through special perforations in the carrier media. This guarantees a faster and wastage-free media replacement. With a print resolution of 300 dpi, a first class printing quality is achieved, the max. printing length of 762 mm also enables the use of endless media.

With the optional use of the cutting blade THERMOMARK S1-CUTTER, these can be cut to the desired sections. If the cutting option is not needed, it can be easily folded.

Lettering materials, with a media outer diameter up to 200 mm can be picked up and fixed with the optional media hub THERMOMARK-ERH 200 exactly next to the thermal transfer printer. The use of high-quality ink ribbons makes marking resistant to mechanical and chemical influences.


The new THERMOMARK X1.1 thermal transfer printer has been developed as the successor of the CMS-THERMO X1, which has already been successfully introduced to the market, and rounds off the product range of Phoenix Contact in this printer segment.

It has now been possible to reduce the weight of the THERMOMARK X1.1 by approx. 25% to a mere 10 kg, while at the same time the main performance data have been considerably improved. The printing speed has thus increased to 250 mm/s and the max. printing length to 2000 mm. The THERMOMARK X1.1 processes all materials off the roll from the comprehensive product range. A cutting knife can be used as an option so that off-the-roll material can be cut precisely to the desired length.


The THERMOMARK W1 was specially developed for the labeling and perforation of continuous WMS marking hoses. The special construction of the guide elements ensures easy handling when inserting the sleeve. The user-friendly interface of the CLIP PROJECT advanced software enables an individual input of the labeling and of the marker length. Black, blue and red ink ribbons are available for color marking. The printed markers can be easily and quickly separated along the perforations.

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