ST spring terminals - spring-cage connection terminal blocks

Spring-cage terminals blocks from Phoenix Contact have been developed for universal spring-loaded conductor contacting. The contact force is independent of the user and creates a vibration-proof, gas-tight connection with long-term stability. The connection point is opened with a standard screwdriver.

After the conductor has been inserted into the terminal compartment, the screwdriver is removed and the conductor automatically makes contact.

The front connection facilitates convenient operation. This means that the conductor and the screwdriver come parallel from the same direction. All kinds of copper conductors of up to 35 mm² can be clamped without pretreatment. Splicing protection can also be used in the form of ferrules. Phoenix Contact spring-cage terminal blocks offer a large insertion space, i.e. conductors with nominal cross section that have ferrules can also be wired.

Material properties

All metal parts of the spring-cage terminal blocks are made of corrosion-free materials. The current-carrying metals consist of high-grade copper alloys. Especially advantageous is the low temperature rise due to good electrical conductivity.

The surface is protected by a lead-free, galvanic nickel or tin plating. The contact force for the spring-cage connection is applied by a spring element made of high-strength chromium-nickel spring steel.

The insulating housings of the spring-cage terminal blocks are made of recyclable polyamide 6.6.

This elastic plastic with high impact strength is halogen-free and UV-resistant. Further characteristics are the good tropical and termite resistance, high chemical resistance and the excellent aging characteristics.

Polyamide 6.6 can be used with operating temperatures up to 130°C and is certified for the inflammability class V0 in accordance with UL 94.

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