BC installation component housing

The BC electronic housings were designed for future-oriented applications in building automation. The housing complies with DIN 43880, thus guaranteeing problem-free operation in all common distributor boards. The BC product range comprises housing widths from 17.8 mm to 161.6 mm.

By using the HBUS 16-pos. DIN rail bus connector, contacting from device to device is made automatically. Simply snap onto the DIN rail, click the device into place, and you're done.

The device communication is done automatically, without additional wiring. This saves time and eliminates error sources.

BC installations component housings from Phoenix Contact

Different depths of the terminal block installation space ensure independence when selecting the terminal blocks while at the same time guaranteeing the largest possible inside housing dimensions. Here, the user can either apply conventional COMBICON connection technology or COMBICON compact technology with soldered or pluggable connections as well as the RJ45 data connection, etc..

Different cover versions ensure an ideal device design. A captive snap-in cover in the same color as the housing or a transparent hinged cover that can be sealed – the perfect finish for all applications.

Inner PCB guides in all three directions support functional and convenient installation of the electronic system and provide the required flexibility in device designing.

Customer-specific housing solutions

The "Solution Center HOUSING" can provide expert support for customer-specific housing solutions. Use the following form to contact us.

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