Worldwide connection of Ethernet networks with GSM modems

The new modem connects remote industrial Ethernet networks safely. To this end, it uses the globally available GSM mobile phone networks and cost-effective Internet technology.

In addition to the requirement-oriented GSM dial-up connection for remote monitoring of machines and systems, the device also allows establishing cost-effective TCP/IP protocol-based GPRS and EDGE connections.

This is particularly recommended when data must be acquired continuously, since GPRS and EDGE are billed according to the data volume and not according to the connection period.

GSM modem with Ethernet interface
GSM modem with Ethernet interface

High transmission speed via EDGE

EDGE is a further development of GPRS and provides greater transmission speeds of 210 kBit/s. Thanks to quadband technology, the process data are accessible at all times via a secure VPN connection.

As a complete router, the modem can interconnect two Ethernet networks via the mobile phone network. Here, password protection, IPsec encryption and an integrated Firewall ensure maximum data integrity.

Alarm message via SMS and email

User-friendly and web-based management enables a fast and easy launch.

Moreover, six integrated switching inputs allow sending alarm messages via SMS and email to monitor systems remotely .

Four remote switching inputs can also be switched via a password-protected SMS.

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