PROFIBUS Solutions from Phoenix Contact: From the Control to the Sensor

Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive product range which makes it easy for you to implement integrated PROFIBUS solutions fast. I/O systems, for example, are available in both modular and block design.

PROFINET - For Powerful Installations

Whereas Inline modules with IP20 protection are used in the control cabinet, Fieldline components with IP65/67 protection are designed for field installation.

Infrastructure components, such as fiber optic (FO) converters and repeaters, provide support for the design of user-specific bus topologies, which can be implemented in copper or fiber optic technology as required.

Our cables and connectors can be assembled on site within just a few minutes thanks to the SUBCON-PLUS or F-SMA/B-FOC fast connection system.

Our PROFIBUS portfolio is rounded off with intelligent motor starters and various gateways, which establish the connection to other bus systems.

Solution Overview

  • Controls
  • I/O Systems
  • Infrastructure Components
  • Fast Connection Technique

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Here you can download the flyer PROFIBUS solutions from Phoenix Contact.

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