Franz Kleine Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co., Salzkotten, Germany

Using the modular industrial plug connector system, Variocon, space and wiring costs can be saved in automation. In a field test with the little "mouse", a sugar beet loader from Franz Kleine Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co., Salzkotten, Germany, Variocon has already proven itself.

Sugar beet harvest - fast and reliable

During the sugar beet harvest, the beet is stacked into piles which are loaded after drying. Speed and reliability are the top priority in the short harvest time. Even if there are high vibrations, this is performed fully automatically and so extremely fast that up to 200 t sugar beet can be accepted, cleaned and reloaded per hour. Using a multifunction lever, the driver can set the conveyor belts to the right speed, bring the intake screw into position and adjust the loading arm in such a way that the sugar beet is loaded directly onto the low loader.

VARIOCON – the connection between distributed control units

VARIOCON plug connectors
With this fully automatic beet loader, VARIOCON makes the connection to the distributed control units. The four "Job Computers" of Müller Elektronik GmbH from Salzkotten are located directly where conveyor belts transport or sensors measure speed, pressure and rotational speed. 15 power outputs control hydraulic valves, up to 20 A being switched by 24 V. Rotational speed, pressure and tank contents are measured via further inputs. The central supply unit is connected to the distributed units with a hybrid cable, which includes connecting conductors of various cross sections and splash-water protected VARIOCON plug connectors. Power modules take on the power outputs up to 20 A, including the control signals for switching on and switching off and for coding the control system.

Splash-proof straight onto the p.c. board

With Variocon, it is the first time that a splash-proof square plug connection has been led directly onto the p.c. board. At present there is no alternative. Internal wiring is no longer necessary. That saves wiring costs for 14 poles. In many automation objects, only one Variocon industrial plug connector is now necessary, instead of one plug connector each for power and signal connections.

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