Programming applications


PC WORX is the software for all control systems from Phoenix Contact - continuously in programming and open in communication. In addition to the INTERBUS configuration PROFINET IO systems can also be constructed and operated comfortably.


  • Programming according to IEC 61131-3 with the following programming languages: Function block diagram, instruction list, structured text, ladder diagram, sequential function chart, machine sequential function chart and Fixed Format Ladder
  • Configuration of INTERBUS and PROFINET networks
  • Parameterisation of INTERBUS and PROFINET devices
  • Diagnosis of INTERBUS and PROFINET networks

Programming components

Phoenix Contact provides a wide range of functional modules that reduce the programming effort and which therefore contribute to saving time and money during system programming. In addition to this, programming errors can be avoided by using the extensively tested components.

These function modules are written especially for the IEC 61131 programming tool PC WORX and are available in collected format on the CD AUTOMATIONWORX software library.

Steeplechase VLC

Steeplechase VLC is the leading PC-based controlling software in the field of the flow chart language. The software offers one of the quickest and most deterministic PC-based control solutions. Cycle times of up to 200µs allow demanding applications to be processed. The Steeplechase VLC runtime system is based on a real-time operating system that is immune to Windows crashes.

Additional functions include:

  • Monitoring of current and historical stepping
  • Display of forced variables and I/O points
  • Instant Tag Watch Window
  • Online cross-references
  • Online programming of flow chart and ladder diagram programmes

Steeplechase VLC 7.0 has been developed together with the ILC 350 VLC and the S-MAX VLC product range. The new embedded controllers from Phoenix Contact offer users a complete and scaleable controller family with a continuous programming software solution - from the compact controller up to high-end control solutions for industrial PCs.

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